The "VALUE" of things

This week the word "value" has been my focus. What do you value? Do you value time spent with family and friends on a day like today. It's Easter, the weather is perfect and gatherings are happening all around with memories being made especially this year. Do people value their time more this year since basically with Covid, everything last year was canceled? I hope so. I made the choice to stay home with Boomer as he has separation anxiety and congestive heart failure. Though I hate that I am not with my family, I still value the thought that I am missed and they understand my decision as my time with Boomer is very limited. Do you value a job well done? Did you get what you paid for? I am currently struggling with this at the moment as the contractor is not being very user friendly with his one year guarantee of service and product. But that is a story for another time. Do you value words spoken? Back in the day (grandma and grandpa times), words and a hand shake spoke volumes. If they say they are going to do something, they do it. That has value to it and they build their reputation.

So, I bet you are wondering what does this have to do with my blog and website, huh? Well, here is the deal. When I decided to have a website built and go full throttle with that, I had to have a pricing scale. I had no idea what to charge for my artwork. I searched a lot of artist websites as well as Etsy. The prices were all over the place. There was no consistency with pricing, not even the same artist would charge the same for 8x10 canvases. I wanted consistency with my pricing. When you visit my site, I wanted you know that any particular size would be this price. But how do you put a price on your time spent or your creativity? You don't!!! Since I have been crafting much of my life, I learned that you won't get your time back in the form of money. One thought was figure out how much product was involved and double the price to incorporate your time. Ok, that might work. I read numerous blogs on pricing your artwork. The standard was LxW multiplied by $1.00. Holy crap that would be $80 for an 8x10. I wouldn't even pay that. I decided that I would do $.50 instead. Ok, that puts my 8x10 at $40. I think that is reasonable. But now the next problem is shipping. The American public has gotten used to "free shipping" that really isn't free, it's built in. This does give you a flat rate instead of a surprise for shipping at the end. Awesome, I got that figured out and gave all this to the developer and off we go. Tah Dah.....SQ-Designs was born! This week I have had a lot of traffic to the site for which I am grateful but no real purchases. I learned that half of the visits were from "bots". I am not real sure how they function and who has them or why but they like my site. I guess, once again I have to reevaluate my price scale. Even with the sale, it didn't help. The packaging and shipping on sizes 8x10 to 11x14 is about $15.00. That gives us the $55 price on 8x10. I believe in being up front and honest so now you have the breakdown. I am avoiding doing a price analysis as it is so time consuming and time is money as a co-worker of mine says. My biggest fans, my siblings, tell me not to undervalue my work. I am not undervaluing but trying to build my business.

So if you got this far, I thank you for your time. Leave me a comment on pricing. Tell me what you think. It would be very interesting to see what people say and I would appreciate the feedback. The comment section is at the bottom of the page.

Quote for the week: Pain is weakness leaving the body. (Navy Boot Camp) Gardening season is here.

Think positive thoughts and they will return to you 3 fold. Don't forget to makes people wonder that you are up to.

Warmest regards,

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