Leap of Faith and here is where I landed

Updated: Mar 3

Welcome to my very 1st blog post and to the start of this cool journey. It all started in 2018, when I started to see YouTube videos on #acrylicpaintpours on my FB page and the ads that soon followed.. I watched with fascination. It was and still is so mesmerizing to watch the process and then see the finished piece of art. That was all it took. It was hook, line and sinker for me. The more I watched (laying in bed with my phone until I fell asleep sometimes.....well a lot of times), the more I wanted to try it. It can't be that hard, could it? However, it was!!! To say a bit challenging would be an understatement. It is still challenging today, almost 2.5 years later. Paint consistency is vital, color choice is vital and a level canvas is paramount. Then factor in that I am a type A perfectionist. I have learned about paint conditioners but these are so very different from resin. Resin is resin. I kept using the two interchangeably and they so are not. I have learned a lot since those 1st days. So here I am with my very own website. I must give thanks to S9 Consulting (Justin) for building this site. I tried to do it on my own but quickly got overwhelmed and frustrated and walked away. But something kept poking, prodding and pushing me, sometimes really hard. So, thank you Justin for your many hours of work and your patience with me.

So how do I want to or should handle this blog? I think, I should first and foremost start the blog with something that I am grateful/thankful for, then perhaps recap the week and thank my clients and maybe offer some sort of life hack or tip for beginners. Let me know your thoughts. Quote: You are never to old or smart to learn something new. (by me).

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