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Recycled Paper
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peace in


We love this one because it gives off a feeling of  tranquility with its ebb and flow.  Seeing this every day gives Boomer and I a taste of what is to come.

chaos of the


This is one of Boomer's favorite pieces because it reminds us of our times at the beach!

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My name is Susan and I appreciate you coming to my site!  I am a self-taught acrylic paint pour artist, Navy Veteran, and for the last 23 years a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. Both of these facets of my life have a large amount of control and discipline in them. This art teaches me to be free and let things flow, which doesn’t exist in a laboratory.   In developing my skillsets with this art, I have discovered an exciting side to me, which will come in handy as I will retire soon.


I do have a silent, not so silent, partner in this endeavor; Boomer.  He is my supervisor and keeps track of my time, as he really is the center of my world and doesn't like to be ignored for long.  He reminds me when it is time to sit, be still, and enjoy just being.

One of my favorite things about showing my art to people is watching them find the hidden pictures in the painting.  What you see may not be what I see and vice versa, which makes it fascinating.  There are no limits to the imagination, so take a look, and tell me...what do you see?

With warm regards,

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